Creating an amazing life plan: Part 1

There are 6 steps to mastery when it comes to creating your amazing life plan – here are the first three (the final three will follow next week):

1. Figure out what makes your life amazing so far

We could sip a cappuccino and have a charming conversation about what’s important to you, and what your ideal life would be. But this would be an intellectual exercise, generating only what’s in your head.

Memories of your life’s highlights are a sure-fire way to cut through the head success, and find out what heart success really is to you.


Fill out the 1st column of Amazing Memories grid.

Amazing Memories Grid 1

2. Notice which successes mean the most

Sometimes success only strikes a chord with your head, not your heart. At other times, you’ve probably managed to achieve both head and heart success simultaneously.


Fill out the 2nd and 3rd columns on the Amazing Memories grid. For each amazing memory, note if it gave you a deep sense of enjoyment (heart success) or a sense of achievement (head success)—or both. Note why.

Amazing Memories Grid 2


3. Discover what you would do if you had complete choice and freedom

Let your mind wander beyond the parameters of your current life by imagining the following scenario: You receive news that a long-lost relative has left you a $50 million inheritance. There are two strings attached:

  • You must continue to work at least 30 hours a week, and be a contributing member of society.
  • Your overall enjoyment of work and life must average at least eight out of 10, or the money vaporizes.


What activities and pursuits would you start doing (or do more often)?
 What activities and pursuits would you stop doing (or do less often)?

Amazing Life Grid 1


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