Running to Catch Up or Leading the Pack? The Morning Routines of Successful People

“You don’t expect a thoroughbred racehorse to perform at its peak without proper care, so why expect this of yourself?” – Your Oxygen Mask First

How we start anything is very, very important – a meeting, a conversation, or a relationship – and one thing I’ve noticed is that high-performing people are consistent with how they start their day. Morning routines of successful people often begin with self care, including practicing Resilience Rituals (Chapter 3, Your Oxygen Mask First) that help them to get ahead of the day, instead of chasing it.

I recently got back to mine, after slipping for a while, and what a difference they make!

My Rituals fall into two realms: personal and business. I first exercise or get out in nature to take care of my Self, and then I lick one of my toads to take care of the toughest thing I have to do, first. Getting them done by 7:30 or 8:00 am creates amazing momentum. It sounds pretty basic but, without them, I’m not at my best.

It’s the difference between running to catch up or leading the pack.

With daily Resilience Rituals, it’s feels like you’ve already won the race before you hit 9:00 am.

The Challenge

  • What are your Resilience Rituals for your Self and Work?
  • If you don’t have them, what are two simple things you can do every morning to lead the day?