Move Forward by Finding the Sweet Spot between Fear and Anticipation

“There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.” – Alfred Hitchcock, filmmaker

Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something you wanted to do because you were scared or concerned that the risk was greater than the reward?

You’re not alone. Many of us get motivated – or not – based on how we feel going in to something, rather than how we’re going to feel after. And that’s not the right measure.

I talked to a fellow keynote speaker recently, about finding that sweet spot between fear and anticipation. We agreed that if we let feeling nervous about an upcoming speech stop us, we’d never get to do what we love.

The key to move forward is to find a way to connect to that feeling of satisfaction, exhilaration or victory you’d get after an accomplishment, before you do it – and then let it carry you through your doubts and fears. Try the following:

  • Visualization – Picture yourself doing the activity flawlessly and the feeling you have when it’s done well. Lots of athletes and executives master this
  • Write a story – Using the present tense (I am energetic, focused and deliver my speech flawlessly), write down what you are doing and how you feel
  • Draw a picture or create a vision board – Create something that reminds you of what success looks like
  • Talk to someone whose been there – Ask them about their experience. Not just what they did or how they did it but how they felt.

In its simplest form, the fastest way to get somewhere is to already be there, in your mind.

The key is to get your mind past the obstacle that is holding you back and to look at the decision from the other side.

The Challenge

  • Where do you feel stuck now about a decision to make or a goal to achieve?
  • How can use one of these techniques to help you to see what the finish line looks like, or to push you towards it, more quickly?

We have a team of excellent coaches who are able to help you with overcome your challenges and work on your mindset. Reach out to us if you ever need assistance.