No Agenda, No Attenda

I had a great conversation with my Growth Whisperers podcast partner Brad Giles about how we’re both very fierce about managing our calendars.

We generally don’t have a lot of free time for ill-prepared and ineffective meetings, between our busy businesses and personal lives – never mind requests for meetings that are a waste of time or from people who just want to catch up.

So, how do you deal with those meeting requests that Brad calls no agenda no attenda?

If someone can’t clearly tell us about the agenda for the meeting, or the desired outcome, we’re not going to be there.

Protecting your calendar means having a filtering process to make sure what goes in your calendar:

  • Is relevant and important to you
  • Allocates the right amount of time (I think five-minute meetings are a great thing)
  • Has a clear agenda so that you can be prepared and see the value of the meeting.

The Challenge

  • What are your criteria for accepting productive meetings?

Listen to more on this episode of The Growth Whisperers podcast.

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