Rejuvenation for Work Stress

I finally had a bit of a break earlier this month, for a few days – and wow, did it make a difference!

For all of us, the first half of 2020 was challenging, stressful, busy – and a blur. It’s gone so fast!

Like many of you, it’s been the hardest I’ve worked in more than a decade. I had added work stress managing internal changes, shifting exclusively to virtual meetings, solving serious challenges for our clients, and more.

I could feel the fatigue kicking in and, while I took a couple of mini breaks, it was wonderful to have a week away. Although I did work part of the week, having zero responsibilities was just what I needed to rejuvenate.

“…your wellbeing must come first for you to have the strength to keep going and keep giving. You need to continually replenish your oxygen, your energy and your stamina.”

For me, that’s not easy. I thrive on being busy, on pressure and get a kick out of how I can help people.

For most of my life, I’ve woken up every day with a number of things to get done, and then prepared for even more.

Usually, when I have time off, I’m excited to make plans to do all kinds of things, including doing some strategic thinking about my work and life. This time was different.

I did none of them – a sure sign of how much I needed to rest and rejuvenate. I needed more than my daily resilience rituals (Chapter 3, Double Your Resilience, Your Oxygen Mask First). I needed ‘drool time’ – you know, when you are so relaxed that your jaw releases and drops?  That’s drool time.

And that’s only possible with more than a weekend off.

And it took a while to completely relax but I could feel more of the brightness of my spirit come back, as each day passed. It was a joy to wake up to days with nothing I had to do, nowhere I needed to go.

And, by the way, one of the greatest pleasures of downtime is time to nap. Highly recommended!

That bit of downtime was great and as I have more time off, throughout the summer, I’ll be conscious of having time for fun with friends and family, balanced with enough rejuvenating drool time for me.

The Challenge

  • What is your plan for deep, personal rejuvenation over the next couple of months?
  • How can you set aside all responsibilities to do absolutely nothing for a few days or, ideally, more?