Taking the Leap for What Really Matters

Nigel Bennett – a client of mine who has become a great friend – has finally released Take That Leap: Risking It All for What Really Matters, a book about the amazing adventures of his life, as an entrepreneur and extreme outdoor adventurer.

Nigel is one of the few entrepreneurs I know who has attained the ultimate in achievement and enjoyment (in fact, I featured him in the first chapter of my book Your Oxygen Mask First). And he fought hard, step by step, to create a spectacular life of freedom that most people only dream about.

When I first met Nigel, he was being pummelled by life, despite a booming business. He was the prime example of someone who didn’t supply his oxygen mask first – and was paying a high price for it.

It quickly became clear that he needed a different mindset – and different tools to handle the intensity of life as a CEO.

Today, he lives every business owner’s fantasy, with lots of free time to spend on personal passions—building homes for people in need, travelling with his family, and creating great experiences everywhere he goes.

Read this book about taking the leap – it’s an amazing, and inspiring read.