The Great Resignation: What is it Going to Take to Retain Your Top Talent?

“Put as much energy into retaining your people as you do for your top clients.”

Kevin Lawrence

How many hours do you dedicate to not just the productivity of your best people but to their retention?

Do you know how they’re getting along with their team?

Are they on track for the most important priorities?

How likely are they to stay?

What is it going to take to make sure they stay for a long time?

After putting an incredible amount of energy into hiring, training or grooming top people, we get so busy that we don’t do the work we need to in order to protect our biggest asset.

Right now, there’s a lot of hype about The Great Resignation, the international, widespread concern of significant numbers of workers leaving their jobs. While I don’t think everyone’s going to sign out, I do know that we’re currently in a very tight job market. We’re having to work doubly hard to recruit people with companies we work with around the world.

From April to July, nearly 16 million Americans quit their jobs and another 4 million+ people (the latter is roughly 2.9% of the US population) quit their jobs in August. (US Labour)

Mitigate the Great Resignation by Doubling your efforts

Our advice? Put double the energy into retaining the awesome people you have and make sure that they are engaged and productive.

That only works if you spend some significant time on it. I don’t know whether you should spend one, two or four hours a week,  but make sure you’re doing the right retention activities for your company. This includes stay interviews, knowing your people well, investigating their frustrations and making sure you continue to have a fun place where people want to work.

The Challenge

  • How many hours a week over the next four weeks should you be spending on retention?
  • Whatever you think – double it.

For more about what can you do to retain your people, listen to Episode 80 of The Growth Whisperers podcast.

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