The Power of Celebrating & Iterating

Over the past year, I’ve been working a lot on foundational content for my next book.

One of the tools that we’ve built out is a tool called The Growth Playbook. It looks at a business through the lens of three main engines and seven disciplines of growth. I’ll share more about it at a later time.

Of those seven disciplines, I believe the most important – to continue to grow and improve companies – is what we call Celebrate and Iterate:

    • Truly celebrating all the good things that have happened – where you won, where you made progress or where you didn’t win but got a lot smarter
    • Iterating to take perspectives and insights to do something better next time, and making sure that you improve your macro strategy, short- to medium-term goals or the systems, processes and tools that affect the way you work, on a daily basis.

Most of us are quite good at iterating. But when it comes to celebrating, many of us – including myself – often miss or step over the opportunity to celebrate because we’re so focused on what we need to do next or better.

When it comes to celebrating, most of us have room to improve.

Celebrating helps us to experience the intrinsic reward of great work and making things happen. It’s the opportunity to connect with why we do what we do, and to bring the team together to celebrate everyone’s effort and experience of how we’ve worked and won together.

Leaders we enjoy working with have a way of celebrating enough keeps the energy and motivation alive to act on the iteration.

It’s about finding the right balance.

The Challenge

  • Do you have an opportunity to celebrate more or iterate more – or both?
  • List a couple of specific things you could do to take your leadership up a notch, in terms of celebrating or iterating.

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