A Victim of Your Own Success

What I’ve learned working with high-performing CEOs and leaders, around the world, is that they often – sooner or later – succumb to their own success.

These are amazing leaders – people we idolize, read about in books and see in the media – up to amazing things that we admire and would love to be able to accomplish for ourselves.

They continue to make things happen and accomplish, crushing any obstacle in front of them.

Until they don’t.

Until they hit that wall.

Until they get to the point that all the tools, tricks and techniques they have used, in the past, stop working.

They start to feel like a failure. Like they are broken, not good enough.

They feel alone in all this, and shame and disappointment in themselves.

And, unfortunately don’t get the right help – to learn there’s a better way. That there are more advanced tools and better advice.

Usually they have to talk to different people to learn different things and confront the fears that get in the way.

What I get excited about is sharing with them that they aren’t alone – that lots of people have the same challenges, that they are actually predictable – and then showing them the way to their next level of their success.

It’s a pretty spectacular honour.