Will your team walk through walls for you?

Amazing things can happen for an organization when leaders have the ability to make a genuine, emotional connection with the people they work with.

I’d like to talk to you about a concept that I worked out with one of my clients called “walking through walls”.

Video Transcription

Leaders all seem to have one thing in common: people will literally walk through walls for them. They will knock walls down. They will deal with any challenge, go over a barricade, under a barricade. They will do almost anything that’s legal and ethical for that leader to get things done.

So, when someone else shared this concept of ‘walk through walls’ with me, it really resonated. And here’s the challenge for you: Will your people walk through walls for you?

I mean, the ultimate measure of a leader is that people will. And if the answer is not “yes”, then the question is, “Well, how could you get to that point?”

What I’ve seen is that people will walk through walls for you if you have a strong emotional connection with those people. If you are truly helping them to grow, if they feel that you have their back, and that you will give them a challenge. If things get messed up, when something turns into a bit of an issue, you’re going to be with them: supporting them, helping them to dig out of it. Not hanging them out to dry, and leaving them to fight and try and solve this problem on their own; or having them embarrassed with a bunch of other people. That you’re going to work with them to solve it.

Ask, “Would they go above and beyond to try and get something done for me?”

For the ones that won’t, figure out: “What do I need to do to build that relationship with them and that rapport with them, such that they will?”

There’s a great challenge for you. I wish you well. Have a great day.