The Gift of Wellbeing and Resilience

It’s been a crazy year and to help yourself and others on your team – and in your life –  to see what they need to do to stay strong and resilient, why not gift your entire team and your family a copy of my book?

In a world where almost every human wears a mask, if I had a crystal ball, I might have called it Your N95 Mask First Instead of Your Oxygen Mask First!

The point is the importance of taking very good care of yourself – and this isn’t just for CEOs and high-performing leaders. There’s a lot of information in there that’s relevant for everyone – especially in two core chapters:

  • Chapter 3: Double Your Resilience – how to give yourself the care and attention you need to perform at your best – and to stay resilient in a changing world
  • Chapter 7: Manage Your Mental Health – how to understand, recognize and improve when your mental health is fading.

Lately, I’ve been having lots of conversations with leaders, entire companies and even families about these topics because, in these times, we need to get more creative and proactive about how to feel good and to stay strong.

Special bulk rates are available of $400 for 50 copies, or $1800 for 250 copies (plus shipping), by contacting us directly – and ask us about the companion Workbook. One or a few copies are available on Amazon.

in addition, if you want us to speak to your team, we are available to give you practical tools and information you can use right now to stay strong and resilient.

Call us if we can help.