As we’re hopefully coming out an unthinkable 15 months in our history, I hope you look back at all the amazing things that have happened. Take time to appreciate our human spirit, resilience, flexibility and adaptability. We’ve successfully worked from home and created new systems. In addition, we found new ways to keep our customers happy and our teams engaged, and created new opportunities. We’ve learned new ways to sell and hire, to meet and learn – and to share an elevator.

As you work on your quarterly planning and do your third Quarterly Reset, it’s important to reflect, in detail, on your Work, your Self and your Life. Here are the questions to ask yourself – perhaps with your team or life partner:

  • What are my biggest achievements?
  • What are my biggest challenges and disappointments?
  • Did I invest enough energy into myself and my life?
  • To be at my best, what would have been ideal?
  • What do I need to start or stop doing to be on track with my annual goals?

Note: If you haven’t done your Master Plan for your long-term goals, you can find it here.

Quarterly Planning Reflections

Then, go to the second page of the Quarterly Reset and reflect what’s most important for Quarter 3:

  • What’s your #1 project for Work, Self and Life?
  • Are there other projects that are important?
  • What are your biggest Toads – things you are putting off?
  • Think about your habits. What do you want to start and stop?
  • What actions are you going to take to get started?

The Challenge

  • Set aside 30-60 minutes to figure out what you learned from the last 90 days, and think about how to make the next 90 days even better.

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