Time to Reflect on 2020 and Work on Your 2021 Plan

Wow! Wasn’t that a year? It felt like a couple of years jammed into one – and was certainly one of the most interesting of our lives.

Two things to consider over the holidays:

  • Gratitude for all the great things this crazy year has brought you – perhaps a reminder of what’s most important, your work or home team who rallied and became stronger, mastering technology in a way you never thought you could do
  • Reflection about all those good things.

The best way to do this is to use the tools in Chapter 17 Plan, Plan, Plan Again, in Your Oxygen Mask First.

  • Do a one-page annual reflection and then reset your plans for the rest of your life. Look at what you want at the very end of your life, then in 10 years, three years and one year. Then build out your action plan for the next quarter.
  • Take an hour to contemplate by yourself, draft your plan, then share it with your family and/or your partner in life and/or a good friend. Discuss it with them and see if they have any comments or questions to enhance your thinking.

You can suggest they do one, as well. And you can do one for your family or as a couple. The key is your reflection on the past year, through the windows of Work, Self and Life; and to look forward to what you want to create.

If you find that people in your life are still feeling burdened by the events of this year – COVID or other things – here are a few more resources:

  • Manage Your Mental Health – A series of articles I wanted to share that I’m hoping will help you either manage your own mental health or help someone around you that might be stressed.
  • Chapter 15 – Love the Lessons to help them to see another side of what may be painful for them, and to change their story from ‘woe to wow’.

Good luck with your reflections and your plans!