CoachAGories: The Art of Using Questions to Build Connected Teams

There are many different beliefs and strategies to build healthy, high performing teams.

Everyone has their own preferences. We’ve seen people invest heavily in team-building events and programs, outings and events, psychometric assessments, serious interventions with outside facilitators or soul-exposing, issue-clearing retreats in faraway places.

Depending on the company, the culture and the stage of the team, any of these can range from highly effective to just corporate entertainment and a good time.

But the one thing that we have seen consistently help, time after time, to enhance work relationships – even externally with customers or partners – is one of the simplest.

And that’s the art of the excellent question.

Just last quarter, after a retreat with one of our clients, we had dinner at the home of one of the executives. The evening was spectacular because the CEO was a master at asking interesting, compelling questions that helped us to get to know each other better. Because this CEO is so open with his responses, he creates an environment for everyone to do the same.

Taking turns, around the table, we had robust and insightful conversations that led into a-longer-than-expected evening, and it was well worth it.


Asking a better or different question can help you to find better answers, and unlock amazing stories and experiences.

So, the Lawrence & Co team created a serious of powerful questions, in different categories for Work, Self and Life – and a section just for fun – we call CoachAGories.

These can be used to get to know a group of people who work together to prioritize and solve problems:

  • In coaching sessions
  • To kick off meetings and strategic planning sessions
  • For team development and alignment events
  • To reengage people after a break
  • To stimulate a great dinner or social conversation
  • When someone is stuck, or a conversation or strategic session stagnates.

During COVID, especially when new team members came on board and we could only meet virtually, CoachAGories questions became part of our weekly meeting check-ins, brought some levity and helped us to get to know each other better.

We’ve kept it going, ever since, and now want to share them with you.

So, here are, free to download, links to:

The Challenge

Where might you use smart questions to enhance your team’s connection and understanding?

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