How High is Your Energy Going into the Second Quarter?

When in Chicago, in early February, I was struck by the high entertainment value of the whole experience, when I attended a Chicago Bulls’ game.

The last game I attended was about a year ago, and this was at a whole other level.

Half the excitement is the game on the court, and half happens all around you: the lights, the music, flashing screens and half-time performances – all designed to give ticket holders an energetic, engaged and amazing experience.

People came away buzzing and feeling great – no different than attending a great rock concert or immersive movie.

Creating that high-level experience is a deliberate art and discipline and the benchmark for engaging teams and customers. Now a quarter of the way through the year, it’s like being at the end of the first quarter of a game.

Our job, as leaders, is to make sure the energy and the focus continues to be just as high at the end of the first quarter as it is at the beginning of the game – and the second, third, fourth quarters, season ever season.

The Challenge

  • At the end of this first quarter one of 2023, how is your focus, your energy? Your strategy for engaging your customers and employees?
  • How can you build and maintain high energy, as you reflect and reset your goals for the second quarter?

If you still don’t have your full, long-term Master Plan for Work, Self and Life:

Quarterly Reset

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