Kem Krest: A Case Study of Resilience & Rebuilding

As President of Kem Krest, Amish had seen remarkable year-on-year growth. But when the company confronted a rut, he found it was hard to rise above the situation to get an unbiased perspective. And yet, this would be exactly the perspective he needed to keep the team accountable and face the brutal facts with a results-oriented mindset. 

Turning a New Leaf

It was at this point, in turning to his CEO group that he faced unanimous advice: get a coach. It wasn’t something that had crossed Amish’s mind before, but as he took the first step to reach out to Lawrence & Co. things started to fall into place. This is where a co-pilot is critical.

“I’m a mountain climber, so I think about the perspective of the peak. Say you’re climbing Kilimanjaro, on the first day, it’s a switchback. It takes a few days to get perspective, to be the trailhead at the top. An advisor standing at a different perspective can help you see where you’re going. I think it’s physically and emotionally impossible without that perspective,” says Amish. 

A Balanced Perspective

With some perspective, Amish could see the reality—businesses go through cycles, they ebb and flow. The CEO often feels that they have to do it alone. But having an advisor can help you reach your full potential. Amish found that much to be true for Kem Krest. 

The keys to his success were: 

  • A culture of strategic thinking
  • Attention to detail
  • Discipline
  • Humility
  • Willingness to do the work

Lawrence & Co. brought an objective outside view, a management system, and a mission to keep things simple and ensure success.

To learn more about how Amish turned around his team into a C-suite of A-players or rebuilt his strategy, read more here. 

The Challenge

    • How can you put your supports in place in advance, so that if you ever run into a low spot, you know exactly where to turn?

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