Meet Our New Lawrence & Co. Advisors

lawrence co advisorsIn the past 13 months we’ve doubled our team. We’ve added four advisors and a support team member. This makes me so excited about our ability to deepen our support of our clients around the world.

This was the first time we’ve all been together in person, instead of virtually. We worked hard on:

  • A long-term strategy and execution plans for the firm, using our Four Forces of Growth
  • Updating our One-page Strategic Plan
  • Completing an exercise around the DISC Methodology to understand how to best work with each other
  • How we can enhance the work we do for our clients over the next year
  • Testing new team-building events and post-break energizer activities.

We also each left with an assignment to update our own Master Plans and top goals for  Work, Self and Life in 2022.

As well, we implemented new traditions. We started a rite of passage for new team members. Since it was the first time, all of us did this! In addition, we facilitated an annual acknowledgement and an intention-setting exercise for the coming year.

So, please allow me to introduce our new team members, all of whom we met through their work for client companies:

Lance Neale who brings fresh-thinking and an incredible passion for strategic planning and innovations that create a competitive advantage for entrepreneurial companies. His multifaceted background includes different roles in diverse companies. These include CEO, chairman of the board, and award-winning education chair for YPO.

Laurie Ballantyne who dispenses great discipline infused with a great sense of fun. Laurie has extensive entrepreneurial and executive corporate experience. She is a master of ensuring the right processes are in place to create high-performing HR teams and to recruit, screen and hire A-Players in key roles.

Kurtis Osborne, AKA “Math Guy”, who has a gift for digging deep to gather and deliver the straightforward facts needed to inform strategic decisions and build and sustain financial health. We’ve had the opportunity to work with him directly and know the value he brings to entrepreneur-led, growing companies.

Brett Abram who brings incredible wisdom to large strategic decisions with a calmness that allows everyone to stay focused on what matters. He joined us last September bringing a ton of expertise in executive development, Human Resources strategy, organizational structure and compensation.

Allison Jordan who brings the rigour and discipline of a previous career in ballet – and as an A-Player in her previous role – to provide steady support to the complex requirements of our team and their clients. We’re so lucky to welcome her to the team.

Stay tuned for when we share more about our existing team members doing great work for our clients.

And, if you need any assistance on strategic planning, HR systems, strategy and hiring; or financial modelling and analysis to inform important decisions, please reach out.

Lawrence & Co’s work focuses on sustainable and enhanced growth for you and your business. Our diverse and experienced group of advisors can help your leaders and executive teams stay competitive through the use of various learning tools including workshops, webinars, executive retreats, or one-to-one coaching.

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