Quarterly Planning: Will You Finish 2022 Strong?

There’s nothing like the power and focus of a deadline to get things done. And now that we are heading towards the last quarter of the year, it’s time now to get clear on what to do to meet your commitments and annual goals and to finish the year strong.

My team and I were just talking about how setting aside time to reflect, and set or reset your priorities, every 90 days, is a magical thing. Once committed, you can almost invent time and space to get things done.

Ideally, we are accountable to ourselves daily and weekly. Quarterly, accountability to other people is a pretty powerful force.

In our team retreat over the weekend, we went through the annual version of this, as a group. In one hour, we were able to do a full reflection on the past year, and draft and update our Master Plan for the next one, three and ten+ years.

The key is to take the time to contemplate and assess. Having a quarterly planning structure makes it easier to do – and to come up with simple and powerful insights. Interestingly for me and my team partners, while most things were going incredibly well, we agreed that – after a couple of years of mostly virtual contact –we would benefit from doing more face-to-face discussion, this quarter.

The Challenge

  • Spend 60 minutes on your own or with someone who is critical in your life to help you do an honest reflection, and update your goals for Q4.

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