Quarterly Review

The Second Quarter – Time to Review and Plan

Every quarter, take stock of new information, learning and ideas. Set next quarter’s goals from a present-time perspective. This is your chance to course correct. It’s your chance to be strategic. And it’s your chance to bring your long-term vision into the context of your everyday life.” – Plan, Plan and Plan Again, Chapter 17 Your Oxygen Mask First

We’re almost a quarter of the way through the year, already, and are facing unprecedented times dealing with the Coronavirus.

And now, more than ever, it’s critical to maintain your disciplines related to strategic planning – reflect to gather data and to re-set your plans for the next quarter.

And, my hope is that take whatever steps you need to maintain your mental health, and to incorporate those goals into your plan. A great way to find out how you’re doing is to do the Self-Assessment on the 17 habits that help you to survive and thrive the rigours of leadership, and see your Wheel of Resilience.

From there:

  • Download the Quarterly review
  • Figure out where you allocate your best energy and goals for your Work, your Self and your Life
  • Make sure you include your Resilience Rituals
  • Talk to your team and family to reflect and focus together.

If you need help to navigate this extraordinary time and to be strategic about what to do next, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Quarterly Planning Webinar:

Clean Slate: A Fresh Look At Your Q2 Goals for Work, Self and Life

Tuesday March 24 from 9:00am to 9:45am PST

Take just 45 minutes to do your quarterly reset and re-evaluate your goals – and ask your team at work, or partner in life to join you.

If you want help with your review and quarterly planning – one-on-one or in a facilitated session for your team – let us know.