Ted Lasso & Your Halftime Reset


“As the man once said, the harder you work, the luckier you get.”

– Ted Lasso

I really love the Ted Lasso show. Although a bit sceptical initially, I find it entertaining with some great philosophes – and some cringe-worthy moments.

Ted and the soccer team often have a great talk at halftime, which sometimes leads to better results in the second half, and sometimes doesn’t. Like many sports, there’s a ritual of resetting their thinking halfway through the game.

While no one is going to suddenly master a new position or a new skill in that short break, the team members have a chance to reflect and reset their focus or perspective for the back half.

And the same goes for us.

Leverage the Power of Halftime

“If you’re comfortable while you’re doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.”

-Ted Lasso

We’re halfway through the year – an ideal opportunity to make sure you leverage the power of halftime. Take a breath, check your perspective and re-calibrate your plans for second half of the year.

There are two simple ways to do that:

      • Personally, review your master plan, with your partner, family member, coach or mentor and evaluate how you did on your goals for Q2
      • Professionally, reset what’s most important to make July through September amazing.

Ideally, your company has established a quarterly rhythm. So, make sure, in your quarterly meeting, you go back and look at your annual goals and recalibrate them to make sure have the greatest chance of winning in the second half. You might need to change a couple of your plays or goals, based on what you learned in the first half.

No matter whether you do this personally or professionally, I encourage you to:

      • Do this one-page self-reflection
      • Do the second page to prioritize what is most important for Work, Self and Life
      • Reset your goals for the next quarter.

The Challenge

    • If you were to believe anything is possible, what would you fully commit to achieving in the next quarter?

In case you don’t have all the tools, here are:

      • The Master Plan PDFExcel
      • The Quarterly reset and reflection PDF  Excel
      • The Full Tool Kit including the 10-Year Plan:Excel

As a reminder, you can also read Chapter 17 of Your Oxygen Mask First.

For your company, all the tools are found in Scaling Up.

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