Time Flies

Wow, time flies!

The other day, I heard a statistic that it gave me a bigger picture on how fast time is flying…

…that 1923 and 1973 are as far apart as 1973 and 2023.

I was shocked! When you think about it…

Then: 1923

  • Communication primarily relied on mail and telegram
  • Horses and trains were still widely used for transportation
  • Common illnesses were treated with basic medical treatments
  • Business operations were manual and labor intensive
  • International trade was slow and limited by trade barriers. You had to wait for the ship to arrive.

Now: 2023

  • Smartphones and the internet connect us globally, instantly and give us access to vast amounts of information
  • Electric and autonomous vehicles are here – and commercial space travel
  • Precision medicine, gene therapy and advanced medical imaging have transformed diagnosis and treatment
  • Advanced computing technology, the Cloud and AI have transformed business operations, and automation and data analytics help us to optimize processes and make better decisions
  • Supply chains span continents and technology connects us with customers worldwide.

With the exponential pace of change, it’s more important than ever to look at how we will live, work and play five, ten and 20 years from now and to regularly re-set our goals.

Q3/Q4 Reflect and Reset

There are two ways to do your quarterly planning to make sure you have the right short-term goals:

  • For yourself: Reflect and reset for what you want to achieve in Work, Self and Life, in sync with your personal Master Plan. You can this this on your own, with your partner or family.
  • For your company: Ideally, you have a one-page strategic plan, with your long-, medium- and short-term goals, for the organization. The quarterly meeting is to review those goals, reflect and reset to make sure you grow and thrive, in a world that continues to change.

Here are the templates to help you:

The Challenge

    • If you haven’t already done it, when are you going to do your reflection and reset of your goals for yourself and your company?

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